Backwards forwards.



Backwards, forwards seems to be the way my studio practice is currently going. It really could be a very happy full time job being a painter. In between the actual painting is a bit of thinking, reading and art bureaucracy   – which takes a surprisingly large amount of time (add up all those social networks, and this and that). Sadly it isn’t the full time job, hence the constant feeling of forwards, backwards.

This painting was based on a sketch for  Renee Magritte’s ‘The Glasshouse’ where he painted a portrait of himself protruding from the back of his own head or one of his suited figures. It’s an interesting portrait, and painted in 1939, foreshadows our horrorified preoccupation with things exploding from within us (think of alien..).

Golden boy

Back in the studio last night, trying to assemble a show out of my finished bits and pieces. Did this as a quickie – been playing with gold. Gold leaf, gold paint – nothing brings up the culture of sydney than a bit of cheap gold bling. Head of a golden boy (detail)/ Oil paint & gold paint on canvas.


Cheap love #goldpaint #cheapcanvas #study #painting

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