Cricket sketches. Hands now freezing #oneplus2studios #sportyscribbles

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Some new work from the studio. I was listening to the Q&A Rosie Batty broadcast  and drawing cricketers, which seems a strange response. I’ve been meaning to try and persuade a willing friend to dress up as a cricketer for some life drawing. I have to find someone with some cricket gear. Am suspecting it might be easier to go hang around a local cricket game.

I was trying to keep a limited palette. Particularly fond of the acid yellow. It makes the image below quite a zing on the eyeballs.  It’s a little more acid than it comes across in the photo.

Little fella #cricket #painting #sketch #oneplus2studios

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News – Finalist in the Ryde Women’s Art Prize

The yellow king, Oil on canvas paper, A1 2014
The yellow king, Oil on canvas paper, A1 2014

Chuffed to see my painting  ‘the yellow king‘  was selected as a finalist in the City of Ryde 5th annual Women’s Art Prize. The exhibition showcases artworks that connect to any themes surrounding women, and is open to all Australian artists.The exhibition’s theme is inspired by the 2015 International Women’s Day theme Make It Happen. The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize is part of the Hungry for Art Festival staged from 7 May to 13 June 2015.

Full list of finalists in the open category, and congratulations to my fellow artist at Oneplus 2 Studios in Rozelle, Pamela Honeyfield who is also exhibiting!

Make It Happen is the 2015 theme for our global hub, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women. Usually celebrated on March 8th worldwide.

Looking forward to 2015

A surprising amount of work goes into making a show. And the first step is generally finding an idea. And a person(s) to have a show with. And a gallery to show at, and actually making the work.

You can see how the cart/chicken/horse can become entangled.

In April 2015 I’m showing at Sheffer Gallery – 138 Lander street in Darlington – which is local to where I work. It’s literally a block away from the uni, and I often pop in at lunchtime to check out the show. I’ll be collaborating / exhibiting with Pam Branas, a talented painter/printmaker on a series of works  – Watching. Pam Branas is a avid sketcher and has been making a series of works based on her commuter sketches.

You can see Pam’s work on her blog and on  tumblr

Also in the planning stage to  have a show with Bernadette Boscacci next year. We’re still discussing ideas, but it looks interesting. Pairing off her sculptures with my paintings, we’re hoping to have a dialogue about well, contemporary mores. She lives in Townsville, so it’s a little link long distance dating – we exchange emails and photos, and converse quickly over chat. Today she sent me this pair.


Belle Arti Prize 2014 Opening – Melbourne

I entered the Belle Art prize in Melbourne this year. I was keen to down and see the opening, but it’s not likely to happen. None the less, my painting is here (somewhere) with 369 others!

My painting is a study from  the P&O series

Another day

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For anyone in Melbourne – the opening is  next Tuesday 25th November

6-8pm @ Chapman & Bailey Gallery, 350 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Melbourne

Belle prize – all lined up waiting to be hung

Welcome to the new blog

Welcome dear reader.

I decided for 2014 that I needed to become a little more fluid in explaining what and why, and maybe some how I paint. So I’ve started a ‘proper’ blog  -as opposed to the tumblr stream of images and works in progress I currently maintain.