Vietnamese Language Resources

Homegrown Resources

Tables showing the basic pronounciation of Vietnamese consonants, vowels and vowel combinations

Listen to examples of Vietnamese vowels in use

MP3 Dialogs from Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute at the Uni of Wisconsin, Madison.

Wikipedia entries

Vietnamese alphabet
Has an excellent section of how the written vowels and consonants are pronounced.

Vietnamese language
A good general introduction to the language.

Vietnamese phonology

IPA links

Clickable IPA Phonetic Alphabet chart

Another IPA sound chart

A neat flash IPA chart with some useful mouse overs

IPA chart in HTML with link to neat keyboard for writing the code

Interactive Sagittal Section - shows how your mouth looks for various IPA letters

Vietnamese vowels

Vietnamese Online Grammar
Extentisive detailed information on Vietnamese vowels, dipththongs and triphthongs

Vowel / consonant pronounciation guide from Langenscheidt pocket dictionary

Other bits and pieces

IPA consonants tables (collection)

chapter 1, pg12

lession 1